Mar 06, 2023 Sports

Top Sports Academies in India

The love of cricket in Sports has no bounds. Irrespective of gender and age, cricket is loved by everyone. Cricket is known as the game of gentlemen and playing it properly requires certain skills and equipment as well.

The cricket lover has taken a new turn with the launch of IPL in India. Now, more people want to play in the Indian Cricket team or at least in the IPL. However, if you also want to accelerate your career in the game then the best coaching along with the professional and right guidance can be helped immensely.

We have gathered the Top Sports Coaching Academies in India that will provide you with many options to choose one and even help you to narrow down your search.

List of Top Sports Academies in India

Here is the list of the Top Sports Academies in India that will help you to pick up the best one for you and to accelerate your career growth in the field of cricket:

  1. Sehwag Cricket Academy, Jhajjar

This sports stadium was established by Virender Sehwag in 2011 and it become equal a brand name ever since equal to Virender Sehwag. The excellent international cricketers keep visiting this academy as guest coaches and it even consists of highly experienced coaches. In addition, this sports academy tries to fill the versatility in the students so that they can easily in any kind of pitches. That’s why they have maintained multiple pitches suitable for all-rounders, pacers, spinners, and batsmen.


  1. Karnataka Institute of Cricket

KIOC was established in 1996 and the best thing about this institute is it offers training 15 hours a day throughout the year. It even offers training on specific game skills such as batting, bowling, and fielding.

This sports institute analysis software and uses cutting-edge technologies with a faculty of more than 40 expert coaches to provide the best training. This institute runs professionally and every student is also provided with some extra time to clear their doubts. Mayank Agrawal, Robin Uthappa, Manish Pandey, and Shreyas Ayer are some of the famous personalities that are produced by KIOC.

National School of Cricket

It is a joint venture of two leading institutes Asian School National School of Cricket and the Abhimanyu Cricket Academy. This sports school is located in Dehradun and commonly aims to nurture emerging and young talent. This school has a floodlit indoor hall with 3 pitches that helps the players to practice during bad weather. Moreover, the school maintains a table tennis hall and a world-class gymnasium inside the campus.